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It is our desire to serve our communities with a practical way of reading God's Word.  We start by reading Genesis Chapter 1 and we read one chapter everyday until we reach the last word in the Word of God that says Amen.  Please join us daily as we follow God as He guides our lives using His Word one chapter a day.

Helpful Tips:
Read slowly
Watch for details
Who are the people in this chapter?
What was the problem?" (if there is a problem)
How did it end?
Meditate on this chapter only.
Use YouTube to follow up or review from other sources.



FROM THE DESK OF BRENDA When strong companies fall, it is usually the leader who caused the devastation. Employees lose their jobs needlessly. Adam (Genesis Chapter 3) sinned, we all lost. David sinned, many died (2Samuel Chapter 24) Question: Why do people die because of the leader’s wrong choices? Answer: The people chose or chooses the leaders. God chose Adam. Adam’s person/ wife chose to sin. Israel wanted a leader. God said no. The people insisted, God permitted. When the people choose men over God, then the people lose out. David cried and the plague stopped. (2 Samuel 24) David lived, many died. God knew we needed right leadership. That is why He personally sent us Jesus, the right leader. We are sheep and He is Shepherd. Today, people follow leaders and it has always been that way. Everyone is led. Who we choose to lead us, (and it is our choice), determines our fate. While reading 1 King chapter 9, I saw what God told Solomon. He told him if you or your children stop following me, I will destroy the people. That should make Solomon think hard before making the choice to get out of line in leading God’s people. Did he remember? Read 1 King Chapter 9 and all chapters that follow Solomon’s life while in leadership. Many leader stop following the word of God. Those that follow that type of leader is blind. (Matthew chapter 4). God must lead all leaders. Being a leader can be awesome or it can be deadly. I have purposed in my heart as Ruth, to glean the word of God. It is important that I read carefully and watch the details. The word of God is a children’s book. It is your responsibility to read for yourself. No one is responsible for your life but you. People can help you understand reading the word, but you must make the decision to reread carefully. May we take God’s Word Seriously. Father, again I thank you for the person reading this message. Brenda


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